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A highly qualified ophthalmologist, Samuel Lehrer Miami has knowledge and experience in medical supplies to pharmaceuticals, to cardiothoracic surgery, to ophthalmic and refractive equipment, to cosmetic and surgical lasers. At present, he is mainly into ophthalmology and international business growth.

Here, Samuel Lehrer Miami addresses how advanced technology is having an impact in the future of ophthalmology. The latest technological advances in ophthalmology make procedures and treatments for patients even faster, easier and more beneficial than they have been in years past. Some of the emerging technologies are discussed by the Miami based ophthalmologist.

According to Samuel Lehrer Miami, 3D Printing three-dimensional objects allows a digital file to become real-life and provides the ability for programmers to create miniature versions of electronics that can be more accurate. This will be especially helpful when it comes to surgeries that require precise movements. With the help of 3D printing, one can produce multi-color LEDs on contact lenses. In the future, people with certain vision disorders and even healthy eyed folks will have access to electronic contact lenses that can improve and augment native vision.

One of the best treatments for several eye conditions is microneedle which is used to deliver medicines directly into the eye. Advances in the size and shape of these needles are simplifying the process to safely and effectively deliver drugs into the eye. Patients will benefit from the lasting effects of one-shot as well as will provide instant relief to the patient eye.

The need for glasses and contact lenses can be eliminated through vision implants” says Samuel Lehrer Miami. Patients would no longer have to put reading glasses on and off due to vision corneal inlay device that has a camera-like aperture which automatically adjusts to change the depth of field of the image that falls on the retina.

Samuel Lehrer Miami states the world around us is constantly changing and technology is leading the charge. We are excited to see the opportunities advances in technology that will continue to bring to the field of ophthalmology.


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